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Circuit workout with Mel 1 hour

We will be using a combination of bodyweight, cardiovascular exercises and hand weights to build muscle, tone up, Improve Fitness and feel good. For weights you can use dumbbells, resistance bands, or if you don’t have these available, why not use a couple of tins of beans or a couple of bottles of water instead. We will also be doing some floor exercises, so if you have a mat to hand, bring that with you, otherwise if you have a hard floor surface, maybe you could use a thick towel to lay on instead.

Dance Fit 30 mins

Dance Class (30 minutes) (Includes songs you will recognise from Clubbercise) but not official Clubbercise songs but Mel P Fitness songs bought in as wildcard options.

Keep Fit '20' - Low Impact Workout

This is a low Impact, easy to follow workout, featuring popular and well loved songs from the 1960's to the present day.

Dance Class (35 minutes) - Through The Decades

A fun filled dance class with a mixture of great tunes from the 50's through to Now. Suitable for all levels of fitness. Recommended for Clubbercise members!